Why We Are Offering Spiritual Free Retreats???

The purpose of offering these FREE RETREATS is because the founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences, and Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center, (Christine Breese, PhD) wants to make sure everyone on a spiritual path who doesn’t have money is still included in the mass awakening that is spreading throughout the world. She feels there are too many people being left behind because they don’t have enough money to attend retreats, go to counseling, pay for courses and books, or get the help they need.

Christine Breese, the founder of these organizations, remembers all too well when she was a young spiritual seeker, penniless, homeless and alone without the help she needed to overcome suicidal level depression. She almost didn’t make it all those years ago. She wants to make sure that same fate doesn’t happen to others.

She was a spiritual seeker and who wanted to learn everything she could about spirituality, but she didn’t have the money to pay those who were teaching spirituality at that time. There were no workshops she could afford, no counselors, the internet didn’t exist, nothing. She had to heal herself alone and learn spiritual truth without help, guides or money solely by wandering the wildernesses alone and meditating for many years, going deep within. She wants to do whatever she can to give hope to those who are looking for spiritual guidance but might not be able to find it based on lack of money.

Her heart is broken by the statistics that in the USA alone almost 1 million people per year commit suicide. In addition, 300 million suffer severe, debilitating depression and lack of hope, not to mention what this number might be in the world. She wants to be there for anyone seeking spiritual awakening and enlightenment who is on the spiritual path, at whatever level they are at. Money is no object that should be in the way.

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