Host A Free Spiritual Retreat In Your Area

Would you like Free Retreats For Everyone to come to your area or city? You can host a free retreat in your area. We will go anywhere in the world to offer a free retreat. If you have an event hall or retreat center, feel free to bring this experience to your people through crowdfunding or donations, and you can make this possible in your area.

If you are a presenter, we will also give you a chance to do your own presentation at this retreat to introduce what it is you do as long as you offer your services for free. These retreats are highly attended, so you will have the opportunity to reach many people.

If you do not have an event hall or retreat center, you can rent one using donations or crowdfunding by emailing your friends, contact list or posting on your social media in order to raise the money to bring these free retreats to you. A reasonably priced theater or event hall costs about $1000 for a weekend, Saturday and Sunday. Weekends work best since most people are working during the weekdays.

You can make this possible in your area. We don’t require any pay for the retreat, just travel expenses to get there and housing for 2 – 4 people (presenter and staff).

Feel free to reach out to us through our Contact Form if you would like to bring Free Retreats For Everyone to your area.


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