Sponsors of Spiritual Free Retreats For Everyone

Free Spiritual Retreats For Everyone is sponsored by the following:

free retreatUniversity of Metaphysical Sciences – University of Metaphysical Sciences is a non-profit metaphysics university offering Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees (PhD and DD) in metaphysical subjects. UMS is an online distance learning school where students can study online while they work, travel or live at home. University of Metaphysical Sciences is a well known spiritual school with students from all over the world, the largest of it’s kind. With 80 courses and meditations to go with them, the journey is personally tranformational and for those who have been on the spiritual path for a long time, it fills in the gaps in one’s knowledge.


free retreatGaia Sagrada Retreats – Gaia Sagrada is a retreat center in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador offering yoga, meditation, shamanic ceremonies, and rejuvenation by being in a loving community. This is a chance for profound healing in 6, 7, and 12 day retreats. The nature settings are absolutely breath taking, the staff is loving and compassionate, and the retreats are one of a kind with deep transformational experiences. This is a chance to truly connect with the divinity within and realize oneself as a unique and special being, with the power to create a beautiful life and a beautiful world.


free retreatWisdom of the Heart – Wisdom of the Heart, a non profit 501(3)c, is the parent organization of University of Metaphysical Sciences and Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center. The mission of Wisdom of the Heart is to bring as much possible awakening to everyone who would like to grow, heal and become leaders, healers and teachers in the Great Awakening that is happening for humanity at this time. This organization’s goals are to provide as many possible healing vehicles for an affordable price (or free) so that no soul is left behind. Wisdom of the Heart is the sponsor most responsible for Free Retreats For Everyone.


free retreatChristine Breese – Founder Christine Breese receives no pay, which makes it possible to offer Free Retreats For Everyone. Other staff and facilitators join her to offer free presentations as well. Christine Breese has facilitated thousands of retreats, ceremonies and spiritual counseling sessions, as well has made hundreds of free videos and meditations for anyone who can use some assistance for free. Having spent a lot of her own spiritual path when she was younger with no money, she has a special place in her heart to help those in need while on the spiritual path as well.

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