Spiritual Free Retreats Mission Statement

  • To provide spiritual free retreats to all who wish to attend an inspirational spiritual retreat. No soul left behind.
  • To give everyone a chance to have a memorable peak spiritual experience regardless of income.
  • To make possible spiritual advancement for all humans in the Great Awakening happening in the world at this time.
  • To assist participants in right fellowship – connecting with others of like mind, making new friends who are also on a spiritual path, and have a support group so they don’t feel so alone on the spiritual path.
  • To bring Universal Wisdom shared by many spiritual leaders to those who are on a spiritual path but don’t have access to those spiritual leaders.
  • free retreatTo save lives of those who are depressed or suicidal.
  • To help people find a way out of past traumas and debilitating programming which is a result of past traumas.
  • To make a spiritual retreat possible for those who are poverty stricken or homeless.
  • To maintain social media places for people to gather and support each other on Facebook and Instagram.
  • To give philanthropists and helpers a way to assist those who are financially disadvantaged but walk on the spiritual path and are trying to heal and change their lives. (Patreon.com)
  • To bring free spiritual retreats and workshops to as many places in the world as possible so no people are left behind without the spiritual help or spiritual guidance they need on the spiritual path.
  • To give many spiritual teachers and facilitators an opportunity to offer their teachings for free to those who need them.
  • To provide free spiritual videos on Youtube and other media platforms for those who cannot travel to a free retreat, so they can still experience the free retreat in their own home.

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