How It Works – Spiritual Free Retreats

Yes, these retreats and workshops are FREE! However, we must to ask for a refundable deposit to make sure you are truly committed because seating is limited and free retreats like these are in great demand. There are 300-500 seats at each of these free retreats depending on the venue, and we want to make sure everyone who wants this opportunity can get it.

We ask for a $45 refundable deposit for each day of the free retreat you wish to attend. We refund your deposit (no questions asked) after the free retreat is over and you have attended. Even at this price it would be a very affordable retreat if we were asking people to pay without a refund!

  • $45 Saturday
  • $45 Sunday
  • $90 for both Saturday and Sunday

Normally retreats like this go for $300-500, even $1000 or more, for a weekend. Each day is a full 11 – 12 hour day of spiritual activities, meeting like-minded people in your area, and fun! You get a chance to do this retreat for free!

Three Types Of Sign Up Lists

A. I’m Attending The Free Retreat!  Guarantee My Spot

If you are sure you want to come, sign up here  for the Reserve My Seat Now list with your refundable deposit. This guarantees your spot at the free retreat! If you end up not being able to come at the last minute, you are welcome to send someone else in your place and still get the refund, but this person must fill out the refund form at the end, so make sure he or she has the information needed (see below).

If you cancel 60 days in advance you can receive a full refund without coming or sending anyone in your place so the seats are opened up for others on the next two lists. You must sign up separately for each weekend retreat you wish to attend if you want to come to more than one free retreat in a different city. Sign up at Reserve My Seat Now if you want to secure your spot for sure and not miss out on this great opportunity!

B. Undecided, But Hope To Come

If you aren’t ready to commit to a date or event right in the moment but you have a particular date and event in mind that you would like to attend, you can sign up for the Hope To Come list if you need to wait until you are absolutely sure you can attend. By signing up for this list, you will be the first to be invited to sign up on the Reserve My Seat Now list if there are any seats left 60 days before the free retreat.

Simply let us know the date and event you wish to attend and we will email you with an invitation to sign up 60 days ahead of time. Sign up here for the Hope To Come list. You must sign up separately for each weekend event you wish to attend if there are more than one you would like to come to.

C. Will Call (Will Show Up On Date of Event – No Guarantee of Seat)

This list is for those who don’t want to commit, but would like to show up on the date of the event to see if there are any seats are left. A seat is not guaranteed, we expect these retreats to be completely filled, but it’s a chance to attend just in case you don’t want to commit to any particular date. Seating is limited so we suggest you reserve a seat, but if not, you are welcome to come on the day of the event to see if there are any seats unfilled.

We will not be sending out emails so we won’t be able to let you know, as some people might sign up at the last minute if it’s not already filled.

Keep in mind there are strict fire-codes at these venues so we are not allowed to overfill past the capacity of seats, no matter how many people show up who don’t have a ticket. If you want to have a seat for sure, we suggest you sign up for the Reserve My Seat Now list. If not, sign up here for the Will Call List if you want to take your chances to attend the free retreat!

How the Deposit and Refund Works –  Information Needed

Your deposit is refunded after you come to the event, so please make sure you can really come before you sign up! All you have to do is fill out a form at the end of the event with your name and the last 4 digits of your credit card so we can find the transaction and refund it, no questions asked.

If someone else comes in your place, make sure they know your full name on your credit card and the last four digits of your credit card so he or she can fill out the form at the end of the day or the weekend of the free retreat for the refund.

If you make a reservation with a deposit, but you don’t come, there isn’t a refund. We need to make sure that everyone who takes these spots truly want to come to the free retreat, and if they don’t show up then the seat is unavailable for others who would have liked to come for the retreat.

Why We Ask For A Deposit

We hope you can understand why we have to ask for a deposit! Nothing like this has ever been done before so we have to make sure that everyone who wants to attend can do so and seats aren’t taken unnecessarily.

There will be 300-500 seats per free retreat, these are large events, and we don’t want to have seats unnecessarily taken without attendance. There is a great need for those who don’t have much money for free retreats like these, so we want to make sure all those who wish to be helped by these inspiring free retreats to be able to come.

If you have wanted to come to a retreat with Eckhart Tolle, Sadhguru, Adyashanti, Mooji, Teal Swan, Michael Beckwith, Joe Dispensa, Byron Katie, Marianne Williamson,  Bentinho Massaro, Koi Freso or any of the other popular spiritual teachers, this is a chance to be in that kind of retreat for free!