About Spiritual Free Retreats For Everyone

free retreatSpiritual Free Retreats For Everyone is the brain child of Christine Breese PhD, founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences, Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center, Radiant Life Academy and Wisdom of the Heart 501(c)3.

The mission and purpose of Free Retreats For Everyone is to give all people a chance to attend free spiritual retreats with capable spiritual leaders who otherwise couldn’t afford to. Some can afford retreats such as those by Eckhart Tolle, Mooji, Sadhguru, Abraham Hicks (Ester Hicks), Adyashanti, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins and other well known spiritual teachers, but others cannot afford to go to those retreats because they cost so much.

Everyone Deserves A Chance To Have This Experience

A day or weekend with a spiritual group of spiritual seekers is inspiring and long lasting for anyone who can attend these types of retreats. It helps those who are reaching for awakening to have hope and meet others of like mind, which is ever so important on the spiritual path. Right fellowship is of the utmost importance. Satsang, which means “a gathering in truth,” is also of the utmost importance in the spiritual search.

Many who are poor or living paycheck to paycheck are being left behind by the “spiritual business” that has become a multi billion dollar per year negotiation. We feel that spiritual guidance was never supposed to be financially unattainable by those of lesser means. We don’t want to see anyone left out of these important spiritual peak experiences.

free retreatsNever Done Before!

This is something never done before, so we will see how it works. If it can be sustainable with donations and sponsors, we hope it starts a trend with famous spiritual teachers who make a lot of money to offer free retreats to those who cannot afford their normal retreats!

Very few spiritual teachers are willing to offer what they do for free, so this is a true opportunity for anyone looking for a high quality spiritual retreat experience to have the same experience that those who pay a lot of money get.

Christine Breese has led literally thousands of retreat events and continues to do so at Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center, so she has a lot of experience to offer through this service. She offers her services for free as a facilitator for these retreats, with no reimbursement or pay whatsoever for what she does at these retreats. Christine Breese is sometimes referred to as the “Mother Theresa” of spiritual retreats because she cares so much for those who are disadvantaged!

High Quality Retreats For Free through Sponsorship and Donations

University of Metaphysical Sciences, Gaia Sagrada Retreats, and Christine Breese cannot afford to offer everything they offer for free because money is needed to continue to offer what they give to the world concerning payroll, materials, and costs of operations. These organizations are so low priced that they are non profit and do not make extra money for profit, but all involved feel it is important to offer what is possible for free so everyone has the opportunity for awakening experiences like spiritual retreats.

free retreatsTogether they are able to sponsor the rental of a few inexpensive halls and offer these spiritual free retreats. With sponsorship and donations, we hope to offer more of these in the future all over the world year round so no soul is left behind!

If you can help by being a sponsor, or giving extra at the retreats, even if just a little, please feel free to help your less financially fortunate brothers and sisters. With your help we can offer these free retreats more often and year round. If not, come and enjoy what we offer!

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