Volunteer At Free Retreats For Everyone

free retreatWe are looking for Volunteers! If you would like to volunteer at a free retreat in your area, please fill out our Volunteer Application Form so you can be part of this amazing experience. You will be playing an important role in these free retreats helping others.

You will also have a chance to present what it is you do as our way of supporting you back. It gives you the chance to present your work to a large audience who lives in your area and would be interested in what you do. Bring your brochures and business cars to place on our tables!

If you wish to volunteer, you must be able to help on both days, Saturday and Sunday. Don’t worry though, you won’t be working that much, just a break or two, so you will have time to enjoy the retreat too! It’s a pretty low maintenance kind of retreat once it’s set up on Sat morning.

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Duties of volunteers are:

  • help people get registered on Sat morning
  • help people get settled
  • arrange chairs
  • clean up when it’s needed (meal times)
  • present a modality like yoga, breathing, or music.

You will also be welcome to put brochures of your work on our registration tables so people will know about what it is you offer in your area. People will come to meet you there and talk with you about what it is you offer.

If you can Volunteer BEFORE the retreat:

  • posting announcements on local bulletin boards
  • placing flyers around town in coffee shops and such

free retreatAre You A DJ, Musician or Have a Band?

We are looking for volunteers who would like to present their music as well, from meditative music to trancy dance music in the evening activity on Saturday night. This is a chance to offer your music in front of many people who would really like what is you do. You are welcome to put brochures on our registration table so people can find out about you and live in your area.

Thank you for Volunteering!

By volunteering you have the opportunity to present your work for about 15-30 minutes to a large audience who live in your area and would be interested in your work. In trade for helping us at these retreats, we would like to support you in getting some exposure to an audience that is in your niche. Bring some business cards and brochures with you to put on our tables. While you support us, we also support you!

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